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Pokemon Jungle edition trading card list

Jungle: trading cards
Release date:
English: June 16, 1999

Can You Catch All the Jungle Cards?
Are you ready to explore the jungle? If you look hard, you'll find 48 new Pokemon cards. In the exciting Jungle expansion for the Pokemon trading card game. Trade with your friends, show off your favorites, and build decks from the random cards in the booster packs to customize a Pokemon theme deck or starter set.
Collect all the Jungle cards and you'll discover awesome new holographic cards with super attacks-a must for every Pokemon collector! Do you have the skills to become the world's number one Pokemon Master?
Master the Pokemon trading card game and find out!
Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokemon cards to play. Recommended for players ages 10 and up.

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Holofoil Cards
Pokemon/Nintendo: Jungle Holofoil trading card list

1.Clefable $4.99 sold out
2.Electrode $1.99
3.Flareon $5.99 sold out
4.Jolteon $5.99 sold out
5.Kangaskhan $2.99
6.Mr. Mime $5.99 sold out
7.Nidoqueen $5.99
8.Pidgeot $5.99 sold out
9.Pinsir $1.99
10.Scyther $1.99 sold out
11.Snorlax $4.99
12.Vaporeon $3.99 sold out
13.Venomoth $1.99


15.Vileplume $4.99 sold out
16.Wigglytuff $4.99 sold out

Rare Cards
Pokemon/Nintendo:Jungle Rare trading card list

17.Clefable $0.99
18.Electrode $0.99
19.Flareon $0.99 sold out
20.Jolteon $0.99
21.Kangaskhan $0.99 sold out
22.Mr. Mime $0.99
23.Nidoqueen $0.99
24.Pidgeot $0.99 sold out
25.Pinsir $0.99
26.Scyther $0.99 sold out
27.Snorlax $0.99
28.Vaporeon $0.99
29.Venomoth $0.99
30.Victreebel $0.99
31.Vileplume $0.99
32.Wigglytuff $0.99

Uncommon Cards
Pokemon/Nintendo: Jungle Uncommon trading card list

33.Butterfree $0.03 sold out
34.Dodrio $0.03
35.Exeggutor $0.39
36.Fearow $0.03 sold out
37.Gloom $0.03
38.Lickitung $0.03 sold out
39.Marowak $0.03
40.Nidorina $0.03
41.Parasect $0.03
42.Persian $0.03
43.Primeape $0.03 sold out
44.Rapidash $0.03 sold out
45.Rhydon $0.03
46.Seaking $0.03
47.Tauros $0.03 sold out
48.Weepinbell $0.03
Common Cards
Pokemon/Nintendo: Jungle Common trading card list
49.Bellsprout $0.03
50.Cubone $0.03
51.Eevee $0.03
52.Exeggcute $0.03
53.Goldeen $0.03
54.Jigglypuff $0.03
55.Mankey $0.03
56.Meowth $0.03
57.Nidoran $0.03
58.Oddish $0.03
59.Paras $0.03
60.Pikachu $0.03
61.Rhyhorn $0.03
62.Spearow $0.03
63.Venonat $0.03
64.Poke Ball $0.03

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