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Naruto Shippuden-Sage's Legacy single cards
Tournament Pack 4
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All cards are near mint/mint condition unless otherwise stated.


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TP4N-320 Orochimaru-Rare $0.69
TP4N-320 Orochimaru-Rare-foil $1.69
TP4N-365 Itachi Uchiha-Rare $0.69
TP4N-365 Itachi Uchiha-Rare-foil $1.69
TP4N-424 Konohamaru-Common $0.09
TP4N-424 Konohamaru-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-454 Kisame Hoshigaki-Rare $0.69 sold out
TP4N-488 Chiyo-Rare $0.49
TP4N-488 Chiyo-Rare-Foil $0.99
TP4N-560 Neji Hyuga-Rare $0.99 sold out
TP4N-595 Ino Yamanaka (Pressing) $0.09 sold out
TP4N-635 Choji Akimichi-Common $0.09
TP4N-635 Choji Akimichi-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-657 Shino Aburame-Common $0.09
TP4N-657 Shino Aburame-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-658 Hinata Hyuga (Reserved Character)-Common $0.09
TP4N-675 Kakshi Hatake (Favorite Books)-Rare $0.64
TP4N-675 Kakshi Hatake (Favorite Books)-Rare-Foil $0.99
TP4N-711 Obito Uchiha-Rare-Gold Foil $7.99
TP4N-1335 Tenten (Endless Arsenal)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1335 Tenten (Endless Arsenal)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1336 Neji Hyuga (Tenketsu)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1337 Deidara (A Blast)-Gold Foil-Rare $5.99 sold out
TP4N-1338 Sasuke Uchiha (The Strongest Genin)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1338 Sasuke Uchiha (The Strongest Genin)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1339 Tobi (Happy Go Lucky)-Uncommon $0.29 sold out
TP4N-1340 Naruto Uzumaki (Tapping the Beast's Power)-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.99
TP4N-1341 Rock Lee (Master of Effort)-Uncommon $0.26 sold out
TP4N-1341 Rock Lee (Master of Effort)-Uncommon-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1342 Iruka Umino (Caring Soul)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1342 Iruka Umino (Caring Soul)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1343 Sai (Precious Fellow)-Common $0.09 sold out
TP4N-1343 Sai (Precious Fellow)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1344 Jiraiya (Sudden Appearance)-Rare $0.49
TP4N-1344 Jiraiya (Sudden Appearance)-Rare-Foil $0.99
TP4N-1345 The 4th Hokage (Space Manipulation)-Rare $0.59
TP4N-1345 The 4th Hokage (Space Manipulation)-Rare-Foil $0.99
TP4N-1346 Yukimaru (A Child To Protect)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1346 Yukimaru (A Child To Protect)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1347 Kabuto Yakushi (Perfectionist)-Uncommon $0.21 sold out
TP4N-1348 Gozu (Protector)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1348 Gozu (Protector)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1349 Rinji (Sonar)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1349 Rinji (Sonar)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1350 Guen (Crystal Barrier)-Gold Foil-Rare $4.99
TP4N-1351 Sasuke Uchiha (Constriction)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1352 Rin (Team Healer)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1352 Rin (Team Healer)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1353 Utakata (Water Training)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1353 Utakata (Water Training)-Common-Foil $0.69 sold out
TP4N-1354 Ebisu (Granson's Guardian)-Common $0.09
TP4N-1354 Ebisu (Granson's Guardian)-Common-Foil $0.69
TP4N-1355 Sakura Haruno (Concentrated Punch)-Gold Foil-Rare $19.99
TP4N-1356 Shizune (Hokage's Aide)-Uncommon $0.29 sold out
TP4N-1357 Gaara of the Desert (Kazekage's Power)-Rare $0.59
TP4N-1357 Gaara of the Desert (Kazekage's Power)-Rare-Foil $0.99

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