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Naruto Shippuden-Sage's Legacy single cards
The Path to Hokage
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All cards are near mint/mint condition unless otherwise stated.


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J001 Kunai-Common $0.03
J002 Cross-Shaped Shuriken-Common $0.03
J002 Cross-Shaped Shuriken-Common-Alt. Foil $0.89
J003 Sexy Jutsu-Common $0.03
J003 Sexy Jutsu-Common-Alt.Foil $0.39
J004 Harem Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
J005 Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu-Rare $0.39
J006 8 Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula-Common $0.99
J007 Sharingan Eye-Rare $0.29
J008 Crystal Ball Jutzu-Common $0.03
J009 A Thousand Years of Death-Common $0.03
J009 A Thousand Years of Death-Common-Alt.Foil $0.89
J010 Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu-Uncommon $0.99
J011 Shared-Instin-Ct Assassination Jutsu $0.99
J012 Water Clone Jutsu $1.50 sold out
J013 Hidden Mist Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03
J014 Silent Killing Jutsu-Rare $0.29
J015 Clone Jutsu-Common $0.09
J016 Transform Jutsu-Common $0.99
J017 Substitution Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
J018 Disguise Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
J018 Disguise Jutsu-Common-Foil $0.39
J019 Evil Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03
J020 Escape Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
J021 Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu-Common $0.03
J021 Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu-Common-Alt.Foil $0.29
J022 Mind Transfer Jutsu-Common $0.03
J023 Shadow Possession Jutsu $0.03
J024 Expansion Jutsu-Common $0.03
J024 Expansion Jutsu-Common-Foil $0.39
J025 Shadow Clone Jutsu $1.50
J026 Leaf Hurricane-Uncommon $0.69
J027 Leaf Whirlwind-Common $0.80 sold out
J028 Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Four Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
J028 Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Four Jutsu-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
J029 Demon Wind Shuriken Windmill of Shadows $1.50
J030 Lightning Blade Gold-Foil-Rare $4.40 sold out
J031 Guillotine Sword $0.09 sold out
J032 Water Prison Jutsu-Common $0.03
J033 Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu-Common $0.99
J034 Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu-Rare $0.29
J035 A Thousand Needles of Death-Uncommon $0.29
J036 Crystal Ice Mirror Gold-Foil-Rare $4.40
J037 Shadow Shuriken Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
J038 Sprinting in the Mist Jutsu-Common $0.03
J039 Parasitic Insect Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03
J040 Tree-Climbing Training-Common $0.03
J041 Summoning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
J041 Summoning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu-Common-Foil $0.69
J042 Byakugan-Rare $0.69
M001 Ichiraku Noodle Soup-Common $0.03
M002 An Outcasts Dream-Common $0.03
M003 Leaf Headband-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
M004 A Kind Teacher $0.99
M005 Disaster of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Gold-Foil-Rare $5.99
M006 Mission of Capturing the Missing Pet Tora-Common $0.03
M007 Make-Out Paradise-Common $0.03
M008 An Accident-Uncommon $0.03
M009 Lone Avenger-Common $0.03
M010 Exhaustion of Stamina-Uncommon $0.03
M011 Bingo Book-Common $0.03
M012 The Worst Client-Common $0.03
M013 Gato Transport-Common $0.03
M014 Intent to Kill-Uncommon $0.03
M015 Inner Sakura-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
M016 Browsing in a Bookstore-Common $0.03 sold out
M017 Three Man Squads-Common $0.03
M018 One Morning-Rare $0.39
M019 Failure-Common $0.03 sold out
M020 Ninja Academy-Common $0.03
M021 After the Battle-Rare $0.49
M022 Leaf Ninja Forces-Common $0.03
M023 Battle of Clones-Common $0.03
M024 Oath of Pain-Common $0.03 sold out
M025 The Hero Appears-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
M026 The Most Unpredictable Ninja-Common $0.03
M027 Blood of the Uchiha Clan-Common $0.03
M028 Coward $1.50 sold out
M029 Seesaw Battle-Common $0.03
M030 Kakashis Foresight-Rare $0.29
M031 Gathering Herbs-Rare $0.29
M032 The Worst for Last-Uncommon $0.03
M033 Public Execution-Common $0.03 sold out
M034 Unwanted Child-Common $0.03 sold out
M035 Look for the Red Four-Leaf Clover-Common $0.03
M036 Left Behind-Common $0.03
M037 Specific Instruction-Common $0.03 sold out
M038 Teaching of the Previous Hokage-Common $0.03 sold out
M039 Small Act of Courage-Common $0.03
M040 Shooting Star $0.99
M041 Maniji Battle Formation-Common $0.03 sold out
N001 Naruto Uzumaki-Common $0.03
N001 Naruto Uzumaki-Common-Alt. Foil $0.89
N002 Sasuke Uchiha-Uncommon $0.03
N003 Sakura Haruno-Uncommon $0.03
N004 Ino Yamanaka-Common $0.03
N004 Ino Yamanaka-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
N005 Shikamaru Nara-Common $0.03
N006 Choji Akimichi-Common $0.03
N007 Konohamaru-Common $0.80
N008 Iruka Umino-Common $0.03
N009 Mizuki-Common $0.03 sold out
N009 Mizuki-Common-Foil $0.39
N010 Ebisu-Common $0.03
N011 Kakashi Hatake-Uncommon $0.03
N012 Asuma Sarutobi-Common $0.03
N013 The Third Hokage-Uncommon $0.95
N014 The Demon Brothers Gouzu-Common $0.09
N015 The Demon Brothers Meizu-Common $0.99
N016 Haku $1.50 sold out
N017 Haku-Uncommon $0.29
N018 Zabuza Momochi-Common $0.03
N019 Naruto Uzumaki Gold-Foil-Rare $6.00 sold out
N020 Sasuke Uchiha Gold Foil-Rare $24.00
N021 Sakura Haruno Gold-Foil-Rare $4.40
N022 Iruka Umino-Rare $0.29 sold out
N023 Kakashi Hatake-Rare $2.60
N024 Zabuza Momochi-Rare $0.99
N025 Naruto Uzumaki-Common $0.99 sold out
N025 Naruto Uzumaki-Common-Foil $2.29
N026 Sasuke Uchiha-Common $0.03 sold out
N026 Sasuke Uchiha-Common-Alt. Foil $0.89
N027 Sakura Haruno-Common $0.03 sold out
N028 Kiba Inuzuka-Common $0.03
N029 Shino Abuyrame-Common $0.03
N030 Hinata Hyuga-Common $0.03
N031 Rock Lee-Common $0.40
N032 Tenten-Common $0.03
N033 Neji Hyuga-Common $0.03 sold out
N034 Konohamaru-Common $0.03
N035 Kaede Ureshino-Common $0.03 sold out
N036 Akamaru-Common $0.03
N037 Kakashi Hatake-Uncommon $0.80
N038 Kuyrenai Yuhi-Uncommon $0.03
N039 Might Guy-Uncommon $0.03
N040 Zabuza Momochi-Uncommon $0.75
N041 Rock Lee-Rare $0.19
N042 Neji Hyuga-Common $0.99
N043 Haku Gold-Foil-Rare $11.00 sold out
N025 Naruto Uzumak-Foil $0.90 sold out
N026 Sasuke Uchiha-Foil $0.90

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