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Naruto Shippuden-A New Chronicle single cards
Fangs of the Snake
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J-706 Hokage Style: Elder Jutsu-Rare $0.39
J-707 Explosive Kunai-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-707 Explosive Kunai-Uncommon Foil $0.38
J-708 Summoning Jutsu: Projectile Weapons-Uncommon $0.06
J-709 Wood Style: Tree Bind Eternal Burial-Gold Foil-Rare $4.99 sold out
J-710 Shikamaru's Judgement-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-711 Flying Swallow-Common $0.06
J-712 Awakening the Byakugan-Uncommon $0.06
J-713 Genjutsu of Pain!-Rare $0.39
J-713 Genjutsu of Pain!-Rare-Foil $0.89
J-714 Following the Trail-Common $0.06
J-714 Following the Trail-Common-Foil $0.69
J-715 Veterinary Meds-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-716 Take Down-Uncommon $0.06
J-717 Backed Into a Corner-Rare $0.39
J-718 Quick Reflex-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-719 Revenge-Common $0.06
J-720 Reading Movement-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-721 Expert Kunai-Common $0.06
J-722 Wind Style: Toad Water Pistol-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-723 Collaboration Ninjutsu! Wind Style: Toad Flame Bombs-Rare $0.39
J-724 Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu-Uncommon $0.06
J-725 Summoning Jutsu-Gold Foil-Rare $5.99
J-726 Collateral Damage-Uncommon $0.06
J-727 Clone Tactics-Uncommon $0.06
J-728 Snake Transformation Jutsu-Common $0.06
J-729 Transference Ritual-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-730 Curse Mark Activation-Uncommon $0.06
J-731 Sword Charge-Common $0.06
J-732 Chidori Lance-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-733 Multiple Striking Shadow Snake-Rare $0.39
J-734 Chidori Sword-Uncommon $0.06
J-735 Snake Bind-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-736 Elemental Defense-Rare $0.39
J-737 Sand Cocoon-Uncommon $0.06

sold out

J-738 Puppet Master Jutsu-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
J-739 Iron-Armed Punch-Common $0.06
J-740 Iron Sand: Unleashed!-Rare $0.39
J-741 Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken-Uncommon $0.06
N-742 Flamethrower-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-670 Team Asuma-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-671 Master of Weapons-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-672 Comparative Strengths-Common $0.06 sold out
M-673 Student and Sensei-Rare $0.39 sold out
M-674 Kakuzu's Abilities-Rare $0.39
M-675 Shelter from the Shifting Sands-Rare $1.39 sold out
M-676 Surprise Help-Rare $0.39
M-677 Rapid Communication-Uncommon $0.06
M-678 Scouting Party-Rare $0.39 sold out
M-679 Masters of Genjutsu-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-680 Hidden Leaf Veterinary Hospital-Uncommon $0.06
M-681 Sync Dance-Uncommon $0.06
M-682 Desperate Training-Uncommon $0.06
M-683 Relaxation-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-684 Silent Prayer-Rare $0.39
M-685 Well Fed-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-686 Enveloping Chakra-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-687 Animal Contract-Uncommon $0.06
M-688 Chakra Molding-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-689 Spread Talons-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-690 Friendship from Sorrow-Uncommon $0.55 sold out
M-691 Formation of The Hebi-Rare $0.39
M-692 Controlling the Curse-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-693 Sasori's Feelings-Uncommon $0.06 sold out
M-694 Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!-Rare $0.39
M-695 Kankuro's Puppet Show-Rare $0.39 sold out
M-696 Shinobi of the Sand-Uncommon $0.06
M-697 Sakura's Desire-Rare $0.39 sold out
M-698 Battle over the Barrier-Rare $0.39
N-883 Neji Hyuga (Destiny)-Common $0.06
N-884 Hanabi Hyuga (Sisterhood)-Common $0.06
N-885 Choji Akimichi (Way Big!!!)-Common $0.06
N-886 Shikamaru Nara (Chivalrous)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-886 Shikamaru Nara (Chivalrous)-Common Foil $0.38 sold out
N-887 Hinata Hyuga (Power To Protect)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-888 Ino Yamanaka (Desire)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-889 Neji Hyuga (Battle Ready)-Rare $0.49
N-890 Zetsu (Mysterious Nature)-Common $0.06
N-891 Asuma Sarutobi (The Will of Fire)-Gold Foil-Rare $6.50 sold out
N-892 Yamato (Seeds of Strength)-Rare $0.59
N-893 Deidara (Dangerous Artist)-Rare $0.49
N-894 The First Hokage (The Creator)-Gold Foil-Rare $12.50 sold out
N-895 Neji Hyuga & Hinata Hyuga (Power of the Hyuga Clan)-Rare $0.39 sold out
N-896 Urushi (Feral Tracker)-Common $0.06
N-897 Guruko (Fast Tracker)-Common $0.06
N-898 Kiba Inuzuka (Novice Tracker)-Common $0.06
N-899 Sasuke Uchiha (New Found Ability)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-900 Big Bark Bull (Big Bark Tracker)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-901 Obito Uchiha (Elite Uchiha)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-902 Biscuit (Reliable Tracker)-Common $0.06
N-903 Kotetsu Hagane (Reliable Back-Up)-Common $0.06
N-904 Hayate Gekko (Gone But Not Forgotten)-Common $0.06
N-904 Hayate Gekko (Gone But Not Forgotten)-Common-Foil $0.69
N-905 Tobi (Left Behind)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-906 Kakashi Hatake (Anbu Days)-Gold Foil-Rare $11.00 sold out
N-907 Itachi Uchiha (Second to None)-Gold Foil-Rare $8.99 sold out
N-908 Gamakichi (Son of the Gama Clan)-Common $0.06
N-909 Gamatatsu (Son of the Gama Clan)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-910 Gamariki (Sync Training)-Common $0.06
N-911 Naruto Uzumaki (One with the Toads)-Common $0.06
N-912 Gama (Keeper of the Scroll)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-913 Rock Lee (Explosive Power)-Common $0.06
N-914 The Fourth Hokage (Sage's Student)-Rare $0.55 sold out
N-915 Might Guy (Unstoppable Blue Beast)-Uncommon $0.50 sold out
N-916 Sai (Ink Summons)-Rare $0.59
N-917 Konohamaru Ninja Squad (Leaf's Elite Academy)-Common $0.06
N-918 Anko Mitarashi (Shared Spoils)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-919 Naruto Uzumaki (Sage in Training)-Gold Foil-Rare $6.50 sold out
N-920 Kidomaru (Cursed Web)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-921 Jirobo (Cursed Fist)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-922 Tayuya (Cursed Flute)-Common $0.06
N-923 Kabuto Yakushi (Researcher)-Gold Foil-Rare $7.50
N-924 Suigetsu Hozuki (Swordsman)-Rare $1.50 sold out
N-925 Karin (Sensing)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-926 Jugo (Angry Soul)-Common $0.06
N-927 Kimimaro (Sharp Stance)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-928 Kimimaro (Childhood)-Common $0.06
N-928 Kimimaro (Childhood)-Common-Foil $0.49
N-929 Sakon (Cursed Twins)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-930 Anko Mitarashi (Serpent's Student)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-931 Sasuke Uchiha (Vengeful Spirit)-Rare $0.50 sold out
N-932 Orochimaru (Snake Form)-Gold Foil-Rare $7.50 sold out
N-933 Kimimaro & Jugo (Cursed Bonds)-Rare $0.55 sold out
N-934 Sasuke Uchiha (State 2)-Gold Foil-Rare $14.39 sold out
N-935 Gaara of the Desert (Existence)-Common $0.06
N-936 Kankuro (Threat)-Common $0.06
N-937 Matsuri (Childhood)-Common $0.06
N-938 Temari (Cyclone)-Common $0.06
N-939 Advisor of the Sand (For The Village)-Common $0.06
N-940 Sakura Haruno (Impact!!!)-Common $0.06 sold out
N-941 Black Ant, Crow & Salamander (Weapons of Fright)-Rare $0.69 sold out
N-942 Chiyo (Number of Fingers)-Rare $0..49 sold out
N-943 Kurenai Yuhi (Illusionist)-Rare $0.39 sold out
N-944 Unkai Kurama (Reality or Illusion)-Uncommon $0.25 sold out
N-945 Hiruko (Impatient)-Gold Foil-Rare $7.50 sold out
N-946 Katsuyu (Healer)-Gold Foil-Rare $6.50 sold out
N-947 Sasori (Puppet Mode)-Rare $0.55 sold out
N-948 Temari & Gaara of the Desert (Dust Tornado)-Rare $0.55

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