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Naruto Shippuden-Battle of Destiny single cards

Battle of Destiny
trading cards

All cards are near mint/mint condition unless otherwise stated.


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BODC-032 Teyaki Uchiha-Uncommon $0.03
BODC-033 Uruchi Uchiha-Common $0.03 sold out
BODJ-232 Leaf's Severe Hurricane-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-232 Leaf's Severe Hurricane-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODJ-233 Loopy Fist-Rare $0.49
BODJ-234 Suicidal Action-Common $0.03
BODJ-235 Dynamic Marking-Common $0.03 sold out
BODJ-236 Wolf Fang Over Fang-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODJ-237 Arhat Fist-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-237 Arhat Fist-Uncommon-Alt. Foil $0.69
BODJ-238 Spider Bow: Fierce Rip-Rare $0.69
BODJ-239 Multiple Fists Barrage-Common $0.03
BODJ-240 Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODJ-240 Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODJ-241 Parasitic Demon Jutsu-Uncommon-alt.foil $0.69
BODJ-241 Parasitic Demon Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-242 Summoning Jutsu-Common $0.03 sold out
BODJ-242 Summoning Jutsu-Common-Alt.Foil $0.49
BODJ-243 Demon Revolution-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODJ-244 Demon Flute: Chains of Fantasia-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODJ-245 Willow Dance-Common $0.03
BODJ-245 Willow Dance-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODJ-246 Camellia Dance-Common $0.03
BODJ-247 Larch Dance-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-248 Ultimate Defense: Shield of the Shukaku-Gold Foil-Super Rare $5.69 sold out
BODJ-249 Puppet Show ,Secret Black Move, Iron Maiden-Common $0.03
BODJ-250 Cyclone Scythe Jutsu-Common $0.03
BODJ-251 Shadow Strangle Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-252 Clematis Dance: Vine-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-253 Clematis Dance: Flower-Rare $0.49
BODJ-254 Excellent Teamwork-Common $0.03
BODJ-254 Excellent Teamwork-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODJ-255 Rasengan-Rare $1.40
BODJ-255 Rasengan-Gold Foil-Rare $3.40
BODJ-256 Chakra Threads-Common $0.03
BODJ-256 Chakra Threads-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODJ-259 Chidori-Rare $0.69
BODJ-260 Fuma Ninja Sword: Horse Slayer-Common $0.03
BODJ-263 Demon Flute: Musical Manipulation-Common $0.03
BODJ-263 Demon Flute: Musical Manipulation-Common-Alt. Foil $0.69
BODJ-264 Bracken Dance-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.69 sold out
BODJ-265 Fuma Ninja Art: Binding Mandala-Common $0.03
BODJ-265 Fuma Ninja Art: Binding Mandala-Common-Alt. Foil $0.39
BODJ-266 Regenerative Healing Jutsu-Common $0.03
BODJ-267 Sand Shower-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-268 Sand Tsunami-Rare $0.49
BODJ-269 Giant Sand Burial-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODJ-270 Sand Tomb-Rare $0.49
BODJ-270 Sand Tomb-Rare-Alt. Foil $1.69
BODJ-271 Ninja Art: Wind Spider-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-272 Ninja Art: Doodlebug Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODJ-273 Kagero Ninja Art: Bubbles-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-US045 Toad Mouth Trap-Rare $0.69
BODJ-US045 Toad Mouth Trap-Rare-Alt. Foil $1.69
BODJ-US046 Paper Bomb-Common $0.03
BODJ-US047 Motto-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-US048 Rapid Movement-Common $0.03
BODJ-US048 Rapid Movement-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODJ-US049 Additional Blow-Common $0.03
BODJ-US050 Thinking Mode-Common $0.03
BODJ-US051 Unexpected Attack-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-US052 Multiple Attacks-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-US052 Multiple Attacks-Uncommon-alt.foil $0.69
BODJ-US053 One Last Punch-Common $0.03
BODJ-US054 Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu-Uncommon $0.03
BODJ-US055 Tsukuyomi-Rare-Alt. Foil $0.69 sold out
BODJ-US055 (SILVER FOIL) Tsukuyomi-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODJ-US056 Threat-Common $0.03
BODJ-US056 Threat-Common-Alt.Foil $0.49
BODM-236 Sudden Encounter-Common $0.03
BODM-237 Fake-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-238 The Handsome Devil Returns-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-238 The Handsome Devil Returns-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODM-239 Man-Beast Transformation Combo-Rare $0.69
BODM-240 Berserk-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODM-240 Berserk-Uncommon-alt.foil $0.69
BODM-241 Predicament-Common $0.03
BODM-241 Predicament-Common-alt.foil $0.69
BODM-242 Vessel for Dreams-Common $0.03
BODM-242 Vessel for Dreams-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODM-243 Kaguya Clan-Rare $0.69
BODM-243 Kaguya Clan-Rare-alt. foil $1.69
BODM-244 Monstrous Appearance-Common $0.03
BODM-245 In the Darkness-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-246 Ally of the Leaf Village-Uncommon $0.35 sold out
BODM-246 Ally of the Leaf Village-Uncommon-alt.foil $0.69
BODM-247 Busy Life-Common $0.03 sold out
BODM-247 Busy Life-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODM-248 Selecting the Strongest-Gold Foil-Super Rare $5.69
BODM-249 Sign for Reunion-Common $0.03
BODM-250 Incurable Illness-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODM-250 Incurable Illness-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODM-251 Delay in the Assault-Common $0.03
BODM-252 Concentration of Power-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-253 One-On-One Fight-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-253 One-On-One Fight-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.49
BODM-254 Power of State 2-Gold Foil-Super Rare $19.69 sold out
BODM-255 The Final Valley-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-256 Visualization of Chakra $0.03
BODM-257 Day of Separation-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODM-259 Another Way-Rare $0.69
BODM-260 Orochimaru's Den-Common $0.03
BODM-260 Orochimaru's Den-Common-alt foil $0..69
BODM-261 Repetition of the Tragedy-Common $0.03
BODM-262 Protean-Rare $0.49
BODM-263 Information Gathering-Uncommon $0.03
BODM-265 Emergency Treatment-Rare $0.69
BODM-266 Ugly Guinea Pig-Common $0.03
BODM-266 Ugly Guinea Pig-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODM-267 Time for the Showdown-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODM-US041 As Equals-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODM-US042 Binding Threads of the Revenge-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODM-US043 Prompt Instruction-Rare $0.69
BODM-US043 Prompt Instruction-Rare-foil $0.99
BODM-US044 Temptation-Rare $0.69
BODM-US045 Wrong Person-Common $0.03 sold out
BODM-US046 Prohibition of Sharingan Eye-Common $0.03
BODM-US047 Announcement of the Pairing-Rare $0.99 sold out
BODM-US048 Reaction of the Power-Common $0.03
BODM-US049 The Power of Hatred-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODM-US050 Things to Protect-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODN-255 Orochimaru-Rare $1.19
BODN-256 Naruto Uzumaki-Common $0.03
BODN-256 Naruto Uzumaki-Common Foil $0.38
BODN-257 Sasuke Uchiha-Rare $0.69
BODN-258 Rock Lee-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.85 sold out
BODN-259 Itachi Uchiha-Gold Foil-Super Rare $12.69 sold out
BODN-260 Fugaku Uchiha-Uncommon $0.39
BODN-261 Mikoto Uchiha-Common $0.03
BODN-261 Mikoto Uchiha-Common Foil $0.39
BODN-262 Rock Lee & Might Guy-Gold Foil-Super Rare $ 7.69
BODN-263 Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha-Uncommon $0.19
BODN-264 Shikamaru Nara & Temari-Gold Foil-Super Rare $2.69 sold out
BODN-265 Ukon-Uncommon $0.19
BODN-266 Kimimaro-Rare $1.69 sold out
BODN-267 Doki-Common $0.03
BODN-268 Gaara of the Desert-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.85
BODN-269 Kankuro-Uncommon $0.19
BODN-269 Kankuro-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.39
BODN-270 Temari-Uncommon $0.03
BODN-271 Black Ant-Common $0.03
BODN-272 Crow & Black Ant-Uncommon $0.09
BODN-273 Double-Headed Wolf-Rare $0.69 sold out
BODN-273 Double-Headed Wolf-Rare-foil $1.69
BODN-274 Naruto Uzumaki-Uncommon $0.03
BODN-275 Kiba Inuzuka-Uncommon $0.03
BODN-276 Choji Akimichi-Uncommon $0.03
BODN-276 Choji Akimichi-Uncommon-alt.foil $0.69
BODN-277 Neji Hyuga-Rare $0.49
BODN-278 Naruto Uzumaki & Shikamaru Nara-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.80 sold out
BODN-279 Kimimaro-Gold Foil-Super Rare $17.69 sold out
BODN-280 Kidomaru-Rare $0.69
BODN-280 Kidomaru-Rare Foil $3.69
BODN-281 Jirobo-Rare $1.80 sold out
BODN-282 Sakon-Rare $0.99
BODN-283 Tayuya-Rare $1.69
BODN-288 Naruto Uzumaki-Gold Foil-Super Rare $14.69 sold out
BODN-289 Sasuke Uchiha-Gold Foil-Super Rare $15.69 sold out
BODN-290 Sakura Haruno-Common $0.03
BODN-291 Iruka Umino-Common $0.03
BODN-292 Shizune-Rare $0.69
BODN-292 Shizune-Rare-Alt.Foil $1.89
BODN-293 Kakashi Hatake-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.69
BODN-294 Jiraiya-Rare $0.69
BODN-295 Gaara of the Desert-Rare $0.59
BODN-296 Sasame Fuma-Common $0.03
BODN-296 Sasame Fuma-Common-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODN-297 Kotohime-Common $0.03
BODN-298 Hanzaki-Common $0.03
BODN-299 Kamikiri-Common $0.03
BODN-300 Jigumo-Common $0.03
BODN-300 Jigumo-Common Foil $0.38
BODN-301 Kagero-Uncommon $0.03
BODN-301 Kagero-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODN-302 Kagero-Rare $0.69
BODN-302 Kagero-Rare-Foil $1.69
BODN-303 Arashi Fuma-Common $0.03
BODN-304 Arashi Fuma-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODN-305 Kimimaro-Gold Foil-Super Rare $14.69 sold out
BODN-306 Naruto Uzumaki & Sasura Haruno-Rare $1.19
BODN-US055 Orochimaru-Rare $0.69
BODN-US055 Orochimaru-Rare-Alt.Foil $1.69
BODN-US056 Dosu Kinuta-Rare $1.20
BODN-US056 Dosu Kinuta-Rare-alt foil $1.99
BODN-US057 Zaku Abumi-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODN-US057 Zaku Abumi-Uncommon-Foil $0.38
BODN-US058 Neji Hyuga-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODN-US058 Neji Hyuga-Uncommon-Alt.Foil $0.69
BODN-US059 Tsunade-Gold Foil-Super Rare $1.25 sold out
BODN-US060 Tsunade & Katsuyu-Gold Foil-Super Rare $7.69 sold out
BODN-US061 Itachi Uchiha-Rare $1.80
BODN-US062 Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru-Rare $0.69
BODN-US063 Rock Lee-Uncommon $0.03
BODN-US064 Shino Aburame-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODN-US065 Hinata Hyuga-Uncommon $0.03 sold out
BODN-US065 Hinata Hyuga-Uncommon-alt.foil $0.69

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