4R1 The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R1T The One Ring, The Answer To All Riddles (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring $0.06
4C3 Anger $0.06
4C4 Band of Wild Men $0.06
4C5 Burn Every Village $0.06
4R6 Constantly Threatening $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C7 Dark Fury $0.06
4U8 Death to the Strawheads $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U9 Dunlending Arsonist $0.06
4C10 Dunlending Brigand $0.06
4U11 Dunlending Looter $0.06
4C12 Dunlending Madman $0.06
4U13 Dunlending Pillager $0.06
4C14 Dunlending Ransacker $0.06
4C15 Dunlending Ravager $0.06
4C16 Dunlending Robber $0.49
4C17 Dunlending Savage $0.06
4C18 Dunlending Warrior $0.06
4R19 Hides $0.49
4R19T Hides (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R20 Hill Chief $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C21 Hillman Band $0.06
4R22 Hillman Horde $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R23 Hillman Mob $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U24 Hillman Rabble $0.06
4C25 Hillman Tribe $0.06
4C26 Iron Axe $0.06
4U27 Living Off Rock $0.06
4U28 No Defense $0.06
4R29 No Refuge $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R30 No Retreat $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U31 Over the Isen $0.49
4R32 Ravage the Defeated $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R33 Saruman, Rabble-rouser $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U34 Secret Folk $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R35 Wake of Destruction $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U36 War Club $0.06
4C37 War Cry of Dunland $0.06
4U38 Wild Man of Dunland $0.06
4R39 Wild Man Raid $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R40 Wulf, Dunlending Chieftain $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R41 Axe of Erebor $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C42 Best Company $0.06
4U43 Come Here Lad $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C44 Courtesy of My Hall $0.06
4R45 Dwarven Foresight $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R46 Ever My Heart Rises $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U47 From the Armory $0.06
4R48 Gimli, Lockbearer $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C49 Gimli, Unbidden Guest $0.06
4C50 Here Is Good Rock $0.06
4C51 Khazad Ai-menu $0.06
4R52 My Axe Is Notched $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U53 Quick As May Be $0.06
4R54 Rest by Blind Night $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R55 Restless Axe $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C56 Search Far and Wide $0.06
4U57 Stout and Strong $0.06
4R58 Alliance Reforged $0.49
4U59 Arrow and Blade $0.06
4U60 Blades Drawn $0.06
4R61 Company of Archers $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U62 Elven Bow $0.06
4U63 Elven Brooch $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C64 Elven Sword $0.06
4R65 Erethon, Naith Lieutenant $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U66 Feathered $0.06
4C67 Fereveldir, Son of Thandronen $0.06
4C68 Ferevellon, Son of Thandronen $0.06
4R69 Final Count $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C70 Flashing Steel $0.06
4C71 Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim $0.06
4R72 Killing Field $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R73 Legolas, Dauntless Hunter $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R73T Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C74 Legolas, Elven Comrade $0.06
4R75 Lembas $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C76 Lorien Guardian $0.49
4U77 Lorien Is Most Welcome $0.06
4C78 Lorien Swordsman $0.06
4R79 Night Without End $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U80 Ordulus, Young Warrior $0.49
4U81 Pengedhel, Naith Warrior $0.06 SOLD OUT
4U82 Strength of Arms $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C83 Supporting Fire $0.06
4R84 Sword-wall $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C85 Thandronen, Veteran Protector $0.06 SOLD OUT
4U86 Thonnas, Naith Captain $0.06
4C87 Valor $0.06
4U88 Behold the White Rider $0.06
4R89 Gandalf, Greyhame $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C90 Gandalf, The White Wizard $0.06
4C90T Gandalf, The White Wizard (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R91 Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R92 Grown Suddenly Tall $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C93 Have Patience $0.06
4R94 Hearken to Me $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R95 Into Dark Tunnels $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U96 Keep Your Forked Tongue $0.06
4C97 Long I Fell $0.49
4C98 Mithrandir, Mithrandir! $0.06
4U99 Roll of Thunder $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R100 Shadowfax $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R100T Shadowfax (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U101 Stump and Bramble $0.06
4C102 Task Was Not Done $0.06
4R103 Treebeard, Earthborn $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R103T Treebeard, Earthborn (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C104 Treebeard, Oldest Living Thing $0.06
4C105 Under the Living Earth $0.06
4R106 Well Met Indeed $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R107 Windows in a Stone Wall $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U108 Wizardry Indeed $0.06
4C109 Aragorn, Heir of Elendil $0.06
4U110 Arrows Thick in the Air $0.49
4R111 Boromir, My Brother $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C112 Boromir's Gauntlets $0.06
4C113 Curse Them $0.49
4U114 Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien $0.06
4C115 Defend It and Hope $0.06
4R116 Faramir, Captain of Gondor $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C117 Faramir, Son of Denethor $0.06
4R118 Faramir's Bow $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R119 Faramir's Cloak $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R120 Forbidden Pool $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R121 Forests of Ithilien $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C122 Gondorian Ranger $0.06
4U123 Hard Choice $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R124 Help in Doubt and Need $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R125 Henneth Annun $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U126 Ithilien Trap $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U127 Mablung, Soldier of Gondor $0.06
4C128 New Errand $0.06
4C129 Pathfinder $0.06
4C130 Ranger of Ithilien $0.06
4C131 Ranger's Bow $0.06
4U132 Ranger's Sword, Blade of Aragorn $0.06
4R133 Ruins of Osgiliath $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C134 Sword of Gondor $0.49
4C135 War and Valor $0.06
4U136 Advance Uruk Patrol $0.06
4C137 Attack on Helm's Deep $0.06
4U138 Band of Uruk Bowmen $0.06
4R139 Banished $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R140 Beyond All Hope $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C141 Beyond Dark Mountains $0.06
4C142 Broad-bladed Sword $0.06
4U143 Brought Back Alive $0.06
4R144 Burning of Westfold $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C145 Cloud of Arrows $0.06
4R146 Come Down $0.49
4U147 Covering Fire $0.06
4U148 Down to the Last Child $0.06
4R149 Driven Back $0.49
4R150 Elite Crossbowmen $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C151 Ferocity $0.06
4U152 Get Back $0.06
4C153 Grima, Son of Galmod $0.06
4R154 Grima, Wormtongue $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R154T Grima, Wormtongue (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U155 Haunting Her Steps $0.06
4C156 Kill Them Now $0.06
4R157 Leechcraft $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R158 Lieutenant of Orthanc $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U159 Many Riddles $0.06
4R160 Mauhur, Patrol Leader $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U161 Men Will Fall $0.06
4R162 New Power Rising $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R163 No Dawn for Men $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R164 Orthanc Champion $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C165 Orthanc Warrior $0.06
4R166 The Palantir of Orthanc, Seventh Seeing-stone $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R167 Pillage of Rohan $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R168 Race Across the Mark $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R169 Ranged Commander $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U170 Ranks Without Number $0.06
4R171 Rest While You Can $0.49
4R172 Rohan Is Mine $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R173 Saruman, Black Traitor $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R173T Saruman, Black Traitor (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R174 Saruman's Staff, Wizard's Device $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C175 Still They Came $0.06
4R176 Ugluk, Servant of Saruman $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R176T Ugluk, Servant of Saruman (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R177 Ugluk's Sword $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C178 Unferth, Grima's Bodyguard $0.06
4R179 Uruk Assault Band $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C180 Uruk Besieger $0.06
4C181 Uruk Chaser $0.06
4U182 Uruk Crossbow Troop $0.06
4C183 Uruk Crossbowman $0.06
4C184 Uruk Defender $0.06
4C185 Uruk Fanatic $0.06
4R186 Uruk Follower $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C187 Uruk Foot Soldier $0.06
4U188 Uruk Hunter $0.06
4C189 Uruk Plains Runner $0.06
4C190 Uruk Pursuer $0.06
4C191 Uruk Rear Guard $0.06
4C192 Uruk Regular $0.06
4C193 Uruk Runner $0.06
4U194 Uruk Searcher $0.06
4C195 Uruk Seeker $0.06
4C196 Uruk Spear $0.06
4C197 Uruk Stalker $0.06
4C198 Uruk Stormer $0.06
4R199 Uruk Trooper $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R200 Uruk Vanguard $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U201 Uruk Veteran $0.06
4U202 Uruk-hai Band $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R203 Uruk-hai Horde $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C204 Uruk-hai Marauder $0.06
4U205 Uruk-hai Mob $0.06
4C206 Uruk-hai Patrol $0.06
4C207 Uruk-hai Raiding Party $0.06
4U208 Vengeance $0.06
4R209 Volley Fire $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C210 We Are the Fighting Uruk-hai $0.06
4R211 Weapons of Isengard $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C212 Weary $0.06
4R213 What Did You Discover? $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R214 Where Has Grima Stowed It? $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R215 Wounded $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U216 Arrow From the South $0.06
4U217 Desert Lancers $0.06
4R218 Desert Legion $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R219 Desert Lord $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R219T Desert Lord (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U220 Desert Soldier $0.06
4C221 Desert Spearman $0.06
4C222 Desert Warrior $0.06
4R223 Discovered $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C224 Easterling Axeman $0.06
4R225 Easterling Captain $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R225T Easterling Captain (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C226 Easterling Guard $0.06
4C227 Easterling Infantry $0.06
4C228 Easterling Lieutenant $0.06
4R229 Easterling Skirmisher $0.49
4U230 Easterling Trooper $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R231 Eastern Emyn Muil $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U232 Elite Archer $0.06 SOLD OUT
4U233 Fearless $0.06
4U234 Flanking Attack $0.06
4C235 Gathering to the Summons $0.06
4U236 Howl of Harad $0.06
4R237 Ithilien Wilderness $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R238 Men of Harad $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C239 Men of Rhun $0.06
4R240 New Fear $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C241 On the March $0.06
4U242 Raiders From the East $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R243 Rapid Fire $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R244 Regiment of Haradrim $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R245 Southron Archer $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R246 Southron Assassin $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R247 Southron Bow $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C248 Southron Bowman $0.06
4U249 Southron Commander $0.06
4U250 Southron Explorer $0.06
4R251 Southron Fighter $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C252 Southron Scout $0.06
4U253 Southron Sentry $0.06
4C254 Southron Soldier $0.06
4C255 Southron Spear $0.06
4R256 Southron Troop $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R257 Southron Veterans $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C258 Southron Wanderer $0.06
4R259 Vision From Afar $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C260 Whirling Strike $0.06
4R261 Wrath of Harad $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R262 Aldor, Soldier of Edoras $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U263 Brego $0.06
4U264 Ceorl, Weary Horseman $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C265 Elite Rider $0.06
4C266 Eomer, Sister-son of Theoden $0.06
4R267 Eomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U268 Eomer's Spear $0.06
4R269 Eothain, Scout of the Mark $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C270 Eowyn, Lady of Rohan $0.06
4R271 Eowyn, Sister-daughter of Theoden $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R272 Eowyn's Sword $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C273 Fight for the Villagers $0.06
4R274 Firefoot $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U275 Forth Eorlingas! $0.06
4U276 Fortress Never Fallen $0.06
4C277 Guma, Plains Farmer $0.06
4C278 Heavy Chain $0.06
4R279 Helm! Helm! $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U280 Herugrim $0.06
4C281 Hlafwine, Village Farmhand $0.06
4U282 An Honorable Charge $0.06
4C283 Horse of Rohan $0.06
4R284 King's Mail $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U285 Leod, Westfold Herdsman $0.06
4C286 Rider of Rohan $0.06
4C287 Rider's Mount $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C288 Rider's Spear $0.06
4R289 Simbelmyne $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R289T Simbelmyne (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R290 Supplies of the Mark $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C291 Sword of Rohan $0.06 SOLD OUT
4C292 Theoden, Son of Thengel $0.06
4R293 Valleys of the Mark $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R294 Weapon Store $0.06 SOLD OUT
4U295 Weland, Smith of the Riddermark $0.06
4U296 Well Stored $0.06
4C297 Work for the Sword $0.06
4C298 Brace of Coneys $0.06
4R299 Cliffs of Emyn Muil $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R300 Escape $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R301 Frodo, Courteous Halfling $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R301T Frodo, Courteous Halfling (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C302 Frodo, Tired Traveller $0.06
4R303 Frodo's Cloak $0.49 SOLD OUT
4R304 Get On and Get Away $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U305 Good Work $0.06
4C306 Hobbit Sword $0.06
4R307 Impatient and Angry $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C308 Knocked on the Head $0.06
4U309 Light Shining Faintly $0.06
4C310 Merry, Learned Guide $0.06
4R311 Merry, Unquenchable Hobbit $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U312 Mind Your Own Affairs $0.06 SOLD OUT
4R313 Pippin, Just a Nuisance $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C314 Pippin, Woolly-footed Rascal $0.06
4R315 Sam, Frodo's Gardener $0.49 SOLD OUT
4C316 Sam, Samwise the Brave $0.06
4R317 Sam's Pack $0.49 SOLD OUT
4U318 Seven We Had $0.06
4C319 Severed His Bonds $0.06
4U320 Store-room $0.06
4C321 Swiftly and Softly $0.06
4C322 Warmed Up a Bit $0.06
4U323 East Wall of Rohan $0.06
4U324 Eastemnet Downs $0.06
4U325 Eastemnet Gullies $0.06
4U326 Horse-country $0.06
4U327 Plains of Rohan $0.06
4U328 The Riddermark $0.06
4U329 Western Emyn Muil $0.06
4U330 Derndingle $0.06
4U331 Eastfold $0.06
4U332 Fangorn Forest $0.06
4U333 Plains of Rohan Camp $0.06
4U334 Rohirrim Village $0.06
4U335 Uruk Camp $0.06
4U336 Wold of Rohan $0.06
4U337 Barrows of Edoras $0.06
4U338 Golden Hall $0.06
4U339 Stables $0.06
4U340 Streets of Edoras $0.06
4U341 Throne Room $0.06
4U342 Westemnet Plains $0.06
4U343 Ered Nimrais $0.06
4U344 Westemnet Hills $0.06
4U345 White Mountains $0.06
4U346 White Rocks $0.06
4U347 Deep of Helm $0.06
4U348 Deeping Wall $0.06
4U349 Helm's Gate $0.06
4U350 Hornburg Courtyard $0.06
4U351 Hornburg Parapet $0.06
4U352 Caves of Aglarond $0.06 SOLD OUT
4U353 Great Hall $0.06
4U354 Hornburg Armory $0.06
4U355 Cavern Entrance $0.06
4U356 Hornburg Causeway $0.06
4U357 King's Room $0.06
4U358 Ring of Isengard $0.06
4U359 Wizard's Vale $0.06
4U360 Fortress of Orthanc $0.06
4U361 Orthanc Balcony $0.06 SOLD OUT
4U362 Orthanc Library $0.06
4U363 PalantirChamber $0.06
4P364 Aragorn, Wingfoot $0.49
4P364T Aragorn, Wingfoot (T) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4P365 Theoden, Lord of the Mark $0.49 SOLD OUT
4M1 The One Ring (M) $0.49 SOLD OUT
4M2 Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (M) $0.49 SOLD OUT

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