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Card #


Rarity sold out
MXS-001 Beast, Quick Thinker C $0.19
MXS-002 Colossus, Steadfast Protector U $0.19 sold out
MXS-003 Cyclops, Optic Blast C $0.19 sold out
MXS-004 Iceman, Ice Armor C $0.19
MXS-005 Jean Grey, Telekinetic Fighter C $0.19 sold out
MXS-006 Nightcrawler, Teleporting Teammate U $0.19 sold out
MXS-007 Professor X, Friend of the Mutants R $0.99 sold out
MXS-008 Rogue, Energy Drain C $0.19
MXS-009 Storm, Wind Control C $0.19 sold out
MXS-010 Wolverine, Adamantium Claws C $0.19 sold out
MXS-011 Cerebra U $0.19 sold out
MXS-012 Duck and Cover C $0.19
MXS-013 Eye of the Storm U $0.19 sold out
MXS-014 Trickshot C $0.19 sold out
MXS-015 Xavier Institute For Higher Learning U $0.19 sold out
MXS-016 Avalanche, Seismic Shockwave C $0.19 sold out
MXS-017 Destiny, Future Sight C $0.19
MXS-018 Magneto, Enemy of Man R $0.99 sold out
MXS-019 Mastermind, Illusion Control C $0.19
MXS-020 Mystique, Villainous Shapeshifter U $0.19 sold out
MXS-021 Pyro, Flame Thrower U $0.19 sold out
MXS-022 Quicksilver, Magneto's Son C $0.19 sold out
MXS-023 Sabretooth, Killer Instinct C $0.19 sold out
MXS-024 Scarlet Witch, Magneto's Daughter C $0.19
MXS-025 Toad, Leaping Lackey C $0.19
MXS-026 Brotherhood Hideout U $0.19 sold out
MXS-027 Flattened! C $0.19 sold out
MXS-028 Hammer Bay U $0.19
MXS-029 Playing With Fire U $0.19 sold out
MXS-030 Close the Gap C $0.19
MXS-031 Tooth and Claw C $0.19
MXS-032 Unexpected Assault C $0.19

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Updated 2/17/2018

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