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Card #

Name Rarity
MSM-057 Ace Reporter R $0.99 sold out
MSM-108 Aerial Supremacy U $0.09 sold out
MSM-069 Alistair Smythe, Ultimate Spider Slayer R $0.99 sold out
MSM-027 Alley-Oop! C $0.09
MSM-103 Archangel, Angel of Death U $0.09 sold out
MSM-058 Armored Spider Suit U $0.09 sold out
MSM-032 Aunt May, May Parker U $0.09 sold out
MSM-143 Bad Press R $0.99 sold out
MSM-109 Bamf! R $0.99 sold out
MSM-070 Beetle, Abner Jenkins C $0.09 sold out
MSM-144 Big Bully C $0.09 sold out
MSM-001 Black Cat, Felicia Hardy C $0.09
MSM-033 Black Cat, Master Thief U $0.09 sold out
MSM-071 Boomerang, Fred Myers C $0.09 sold out
MSM-145 Breaking Story U $0.09 sold out
MSM-034 Cardiac, Elias Wirtham U $0.09 sold out
MSM-072 Carnage, Cletus Kasady R $0.99 sold out
MSM-073 Chameleon, Dmitri Smerdyakov C $0.09 sold out
MSM-035 Cloak, Tyrone Johnson C $0.09
MSM-146 Clone Saga U $0.09 sold out
MSM-147 Com Link U $0.09 sold out
MSM-059 Costume Change U $0.09 sold out
MSM-148 Crowd Control C $0.09 sold out
MSM-028 Crushing Blow C $0.09
MSM-036 Dagger, Tandy Bowen U $0.09 sold out
MSM-010 Daily Bugle U $0.09
MSM-094 Dangerous Experiment R $0.99 sold out
MSM-002 Daredevil, The Man Without Fear C $0.09
MSM-140 Deathlok, Luther Manning R $0.99 sold out
MSM-129 Decoy Program R $0.99 sold out
MSM-130 Devil's Due R $0.99 sold out
MSM-023 Doc Ock's Lab U $0.09
MSM-126 Dr. Hauptmann, Diabolic Inventor U $0.09 sold out
MSM-014 Dr. Octopus, Doc Ock R $0.99 sold out
MSM-014 Dr. Octopus, Doc Ock -Foil R $1.99
MSM-015 Dr. Octopus, Otto Octavius C $0.09
MSM-037 Dusk, Cassie St. Commons C $0.09 sold out
MSM-016 Electro, Maxwell Dillon U $0.09
MSM-104 Emma Frost, Headmistress of Xavier's Academy R $0.99 sold out
MSM-011 ESU Science Lab U $0.09
MSM-038 Ezekiel, Spirit of the Spider C $0.09 sold out
MSM-149 Fight to the Finish U $0.09 sold out
MSM-039 Firestar, Hot Stuff R $0.99 sold out
MSM-095 Fisk Towers R $0.99 sold out
MSM-150 Flamethrower R $0.99 sold out
MSM-151 Forced Allegiance U $0.09 sold out
MSM-060 Fun and Games R $0.99 sold out
MSM-096 Get Him My Petsss R $0.99 sold out
MSM-097 Goblin Glider U $0.09 sold out
MSM-061 Going My Way? U $0.09 sold out
MSM-074 Green Goblin, Altered Ego C $0.09 sold out
MSM-017 Green Goblin, Norman Osborn C $0.09
MSM-152 Grounded C $0.09 sold out
MSM-075 Hammerhead, Gangster C $0.09 sold out
MSM-098 Hired Goons C $0.09 sold out
MSM-076 Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley C $0.09 sold out
MSM-040 Hornet, Eddie McDonough C $0.09 sold out
MSM-041 Human Torch, Friendly Rival C $0.09 sold out
MSM-077 Hydro-Man, Morris Bench C $0.09 sold out
MSM-042 Iceman, Cool Customer C $0.09
MSM-122 Insignificant Threat R $0.99 sold out
MSM-141 J. Jonah Jameson, Sensationalist R $0.99 sold out
MSM-078 Jackal, Dr. Miles Warren C $0.09 sold out
MSM-043 Jessica Drew - Spider-Woman, Venom Blast U $0.09 sold out
MSM-029 Jetpack C $0.09
MSM-105 John Proudstar - Thunderbird, Apache Warrior U $0.09 sold out
MSM-044 Julia Carpenter - Spider-Woman, Web Weaver R $0.99 sold out
MSM-079 Kaine, Imperfect Clone C $0.09 sold out
MSM-080 Kingpin, Crime Boss R $0.99 sold out
MSM-018 Kraven the Hunter, Sergei Kravinoff C $0.09
MSM-131 Latverian Embassy R $0.99 sold out
MSM-099 Lion's Den C $0.09 sold out
MSM-019 Lizard, Dr. Curtis Connors C $0.09
MSM-139 Lyja, The Lazerfist U $0.09 sold out
MSM-003 Madame Web, Cassandra Webb C $0.09
MSM-110 Madripoor U $0.09 sold out
MSM-081 Man-Wolf, John Jameson C $0.09
MSM-132 Mark II, Number II, Leader Unit R $0.99 sold out
MSM-116 Marvel's First Family R $0.99 sold out
MSM-045 Mary Jane Watson, MJ R $0.99 sold out
MSM-046 Mattie Franklin - Spider-Woman, Gift of Power U $0.09 sold out
MSM-062 Midtown High School C $0.09 sold out
MSM-119 Mimic, Calvin Rankin R $0.99 sold out
MSM-123 Misappropriation U $0.09 sold out
MSM-153 Mojoverse C $0.09
MSM-142 Mole Man, Leader of the Moloids U $0.09 sold out
MSM-082 Morbius, Dr. Michael Morbius R $0.99 sold out
MSM-154 Murderworld R $0.99 sold out
MSM-063 My Hero U $0.09 sold out
MSM-083 Mysterio, Quentin Beck R $0.99 sold out
MSM-136 Next Generation Technology R $0.99 sold out
MSM-064 Nice Try! R $0.99 sold out
MSM-030 No Fear C $0.09
MSM-009 Nova, Richard Rider U $0.09
MSM-024 Osborn Industries U $0.09
MSM-100 Oscorp Board Room U $0.09 sold out
MSM-117 Pier 4 R $0.99 sold out
MSM-155 Pinned U $0.09 sold out
MSM-156 Pleasant Distraction U $0.09 sold out
MSM-120 Post, Kevin Tremain R $0.99 sold out
MSM-111 Power Nexus R $0.99 sold out
MSM-047 Prodigy, Richie Gilmore C $0.09 sold out
MSM-004 Prowler, Hobie Brown C $0.09
MSM-048 Puma, Thomas Fireheart C $0.09 sold out
MSM-005 Punisher, Vigilante U $0.09
MSM-127 Purple Man, Zebediah Killgrave U $0.09 sold out
MSM-157 Rapier U $0.09 sold out
MSM-101 Rejuvenation U $0.09 sold out
MSM-020 Rhino, Alex O'Hirn C $0.09
MSM-049 Ricochet, Johnny Gallo C $0.09 sold out
MSM-158 Rise from the Grave R $0.99 sold out
MSM-124 Rise to Power R $0.99 sold out
MSM-050 Rocket Racer, Robert Farrell C $0.09 sold out
MSM-025 Sadistic Choice U $0.09
MSM-084 Sandman, William Baker R $0.99 sold out
MSM-051 Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly C $0.09 sold out
MSM-085 Scorpion, MacDonald Gargan C $0.09 sold out
MSM-134 Sentinel Mark III, Army C $0.09 sold out
MSM-133 Sentinel Mark V, Army C $0.09 sold out
MSM-106 Shadowcat, Pride of the X-Men U $0.09 sold out
MSM-106GP Shadowcat, Pride of the X-Men (Extended Art) P $0.09 sold out
MSM-086 Shocker, Herman Schultz C $0.09 sold out
MSM-087 Shriek, Frances Barrison U $0.09 sold out
MSM-112 Siege Perilous R $0.99 sold out
MSM-052 Silver Sable, Silver Sablinovia C $0.09 sold out
MSM-114 Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd R $0.99 sold out
MSM-088 Silvermane, ilvio Manfredi C $0.09 sold out
MSM-026 Sinister Salvo U $0.09
MSM-159 Sinister Six U $0.09 sold out
MSM-031 Smoke Screen C $0.09
MSM-006 Solo, James Bourne C $0.09
MSM-160 Sonic Gun U $0.09 sold out
MSM-089 Speed Demon, James Sanders C $0.09 sold out
MSM-012 Spider Senses U $0.09
MSM-102 Spider Slayers U $0.09 sold out
MSM-053 Spider-Man, Alien Symbiote C $0.09 sold out
MSM-054 Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man R $0.99 sold out
MSM-007 Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man C $0.09
MSM-008 Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man R $0.99 sold out
MSM-008 Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man-Foil R $1.99
MSM-065 Spider-Tracer R $0.99 sold out
MSM-066 Sticky Situation U $0.09 sold out
MSM-161 Sucker Punch U $0.09 sold out
MSM-107 Sunfire, Shiro Yoshida R $0.99 sold out
MSM-118 Supernova U $0.09 sold out
MSM-162 Surrounded C $0.09
MSM-137 Termination Sequence R $0.99 sold out
MSM-128 Terrax, Tyros R $0.99 sold out
MSM-090 The Rose, Richard Fisk R $0.99 sold out
MSM-163 Thinking Outside the Box R $0.99 sold out
MSM-121 Thornn, Feral Hunter U $0.09 sold out
MSM-164 Time Platform R $0.99 sold out
MSM-091 Tinkerer, Phineas Mason R $0.99 sold out
MSM-092 Tombstone, Lonnie Lincoln R $0.99 sold out
MSM-067 Tragic Loss U $0.09 sold out
MSM-135 Tri-Sentinel, Super Sentinel R $0.99 sold out
MSM-013 Twist of Fate U $0.09
MSM-113 Ultimate Sacrifice R $0.99 sold out
MSM-068 Unexpected Mutation U $0.09 sold out
MSM-165 Unmasked U $0.09 sold out
MSM-093 Venom, Alien Symbiote R $0.99 sold out
MSM-021 Venom, Eddie Brock U $0.09
MSM-125 Volcanic Base R $0.99 sold out
MSM-022 Vulture, Adrian Toomes C $0.09
MSM-138 Wave of Sentinels R $0.99 sold out
MSM-055 Wild Pack, Army C $0.09 sold out
MSM-056 Will O' The Wisp, Jackson Arvad R $0.99 sold out
MSM-115 Wyatt Wingfoot, Keewazi Adventurer U $0.09 sold out

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