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We have increased the price we are paying for your cards. Buying or trade Dragonball cards!!!!!

If you find a card we are sold out of and have one or several you would like to sell or trade, we are interested in buying it. Just send us a note and we will make an offer to purchase outright or in trade.

This list is of specific cards we are looking to purchase and the price we are willing to pay.

Send us your list of cards and we will make an offer.
Make sure you provide the saga of the cards.
If you have hundreds plus: Send totals only of common/uncommon, c/u foil, rare, rare foil, promo, promo foil, ect.

Cards must be in New Mint/Unplayed condition. We even pay your shipping cost! Cards must arrive within seven days of our approval email being sent out. Cards arriving after that will be paid for at the current buy list price or returned at our option.
We will contact you by email if we have any questions regarding your shipment.

Directions for selling
1. Email us a list of cards that you have for sale.

We will add to your card total whatever your shipping cost are after your cards arrive. No overnight, expedited or any special deliveries please.

My info:
Card Seller Name
Nowhere Ave.
Anytown, NY 55555
e-mail address

2. We will respond with an approval email that will serve as your invoice to send in with your package. Packages that do not have this invoice may result in payment being delayed.

3. Send your cards in a all you can ship box! No overnite or express, priority shipping!
Delivery confirmation is standard for 1st class postages.

Our address

Contact Info:
Jeff Dunn,
Executive Buyer
Phone: 417-827-0753
PO Box 516
Bois D Arc, MO 65612

WE BUY COLLECTIONS!!!! Please email a description of your collection (how many holofoils, rares, any standouts) and we will respond.
If you see cards on the site that are sold out and have some of them you would like to sell, please write for special pricing on them.

World Games saga 15. Earth Dragon Ball 3 $0.99
Commons/Uncommons not buying at present
common/uncommon foil .10@
World Games Saga rares .05@
Trunks Saga #134 rare .05@
Saiyan Saga rares 1st edition .05@
Saiyan Saga rares 1st edition foil. 10@ not buying at present
All other Z Saga Rares .25@ up to 2.00
Write for quote over that amount.
Holofoil Rares .50@
Ultra rares Write for pricing
Uber rares 3.50@
4 star Cell Saga Personality .50@
4 star Cell Saga Personality-foil .1.00@
4 star Personality .35@
4 star Personality-foil .65@
High Tech Cell Saga 2.50@
High Tech 1.25@
saga promo .50@
saga promo foil .1.00@
sub promo .25@

sub foil .50@
Capsule Corp .15@
Tuff Enuf .15@ not buying at present
Puppet Show .15@ not buying at present
Lost Villians .15@ not buying at present
Dragonball GT cards:
Baby Saga-1 thru 9 are not personalities- not buying cards at present
common/uncommon foil .10@
Super 17 saga 1st edition rare foils .15
not buying at present
All other rares .25@
4 star .05@
4 star foil .15@
Ultra rares $5.75
t-promos .15@ not buying at present

Clear card 1.25@
New Dragonball CCC rares .35@
common/uncommon .005@
common/uncommon .005@
c/u foil .15@
starter deck cards .01@
starter prism foil .25@
rare .15@
rare foil .35@
ultra rare 'write for quote'

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