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Unown Pokedex

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Ecruteak City Gym

New Poke Balls

Monorail ticket

Metal Coat

Breed without the other half

Pokemon that can't produce eggs

Gym Leader tactics (Gold version)

Orange League Trainer tactics (Gold version)

Eevee's Evolvutions

When Eevee starts to evolve, it will turn into Espeon at morning and day and Umbreon at night

Prizes at the Game Corners

Sent in by Lance Barber

Goldenrod City

TM 25 (Thunder)-5,500 coins

TM 14 (Blizzard)-5,500 coins

TM 38 (Fire Blast)-5,500 coins

Abra-200 coins

Ekans (Gold)-700 coins

Sandshrew (Silver)-700 coins

Dratini-2,100 coins

Celadon City

TM 32 (Double Team)-1,500 coins

TM 29 (Psychic)-3,500 coins

TM 15 (Hyper Beam)-7,500 coins

Mr. Mime-3,333 coins

Eevee-6,666 coins

Porygon-9,999 coins

Pokemon found only in Bug-Catching Contest

Sent in by Lance Barber

Gold only: Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill

Silver only: Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree both: Scyther, Pinsir

Trainers whose phone numbers you need to catch certain Pokemon easily

Sent in by Lance Barber

Ralph on route 32 will call about Qwilfish.

Anthony on route 33 will call about Dunsparce.

Arnie on route 35 will call about Yanma.

Chad on route 38 will call about Snubbull.

Wilton on route 44 will call about Remoraid.

Parry on route 45 will call about Marill.

Power-up items

Sent in by Lance Barber

Blackbelt powers up Fighting moves. Get it from Wesley on Wednesday at the Lake of Rage.

Poison Barb powers up Poison moves. Get it from Frieda on Friday above the Pokemon Center near Union Cave.

Spell Tag powers up Ghost moves. Get it from Santos on Saturday in Blackthorn City.

Pink Bow can also be found from Tuscany on Tuesday in route 29.

Extra Metal Coat

Sent in by Tim N.

You can get an extra Metal Coat by catching a Magnemite or using Thief to steal one from them.

Finding one is hard, but it is possible.

Find a left over

Sent in by William

At Celadon city, go into the food eating contest room..Press the A button on the trash can. You can get a left over which when equipped, your Pokemon will recover a little bit after a turn.

Evolution Stones

Sent in by Andrew

Go to the sea cottage (Bills old house from Red, Blue, Yellow). A old man will be there. Talk to him. I will identify a Pokemon for you to show him. find these Pokemon and get these prizes


Staryu-----Water Stone

Oddish--------Leaf Stone

Pichu---------Thunder Stone

Vulpix--------Fire Stone

How to get the Silver Trophy

Sent in by Craig Simpson

First have the following ready:

Two Game Boys

Game Link

Pokemon Gold or Silver

Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow

N64 and controller

Transfer Pak

Pokemon Stadium


Win a Pokemon Present in Pokemon Stadium's Gym Leader Castle. Transfer the Pokemon into red, blue, or yellow. Hook up R,B,Y and G,S. Have an original Pokemon in Gold and Silver ready to trade. Have the Stadium Pokemon ready to trade in red, blue, or yellow. Then perform the TIME CAPSULE TRADING PROCEDURE. Trade the two Pokemon and then check out G,S's new Pokemon it has a NORMAL BOX attached to it. Remove it from the Pokemon and "use" it. That will open it and you have a silver trophy to put in your room.

How it works:

When a Pokemon with this ID: STADIUM id# 02000 enters gold and silver it carries a silver trophy.

Unown Pokedex

Sent in by Andrew

Capture 3 different Unown's from the cave and your Pokedex will get upgraded. Now you can see the different shapes you caught.

Pokemon locations

Sent in by

G=Gold S=Silver G/S=Gold and Silver

#001 Bulbasaur Not in Gold or Silver

#002 Ivysaur Not in Gold or Silver

#003 Venussaur Not in Gold or Silver

#004 Charmander Not in Gold or Silver

#005 Charmeleon Not in Gold or Silver

#006 Charizard Not in Gold or Silver

#007 Squirtle Not in Gold or Silver

#008 Wartortle Not in Gold or Silver

#009 Blastoise Not in Gold or Silver

#010 Caterpie G: Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest S:National Park (Bug Catching contest)

#011 Metapod G: Routes 2, 30, Ilex Forest S:National Park (Bug Catching contest)

#012 Butterfree G: Route 2 S:National Park (Bug Catching contest)

#013 Weedle G: National Park (Bug Catching contest) S:Routes 2, 30 Ilex Forest

#014 Kakuna G: National Park (Bug Catching contest) S:Routes 2, 30 Ilex Forest

#015 Beedrill G: National Park (Bug Catching contest)

#016 Pidgey G/S: Routes 1, 29,30

#017 Pidgeotto G/S: Routes 8, 15, 43

#018 Pidgeot Evolves from Pidgeotto

#019 Rattata G/S: Routes 1,22,29,30,31,32,33

#020 Raticate G/S: Burned Tower, Routes 7, 27, Union Cave

#021 Spearow G/S: Routes 22, 33,42

#022 Fearow G/S: Routes 16, 17, 18

#023 Ekans G: Goldenrod City Game Corner S:Routes 3, 32,33

#024 Arbok G: Evolves from Ekans S:Routes 3, 4, 27

#025 Pikachu G/S: Route 2

#026 Raichu Evolves from Pikachu with Thunder Stone

#027 Sandshrew G: Union Cave, Mt. Moon S:Goldenrod City Game Corner

#028 Sandslash G: Routes 26, 27, Mt. Moon S:Evolves from Sandshrew

#029 Nidoran(F) G/S: Routes 35, 36

#030 Nidorina G/S: Routes 13, 14, 15

#031 Nidoqueen Evolves from Nidoqueen

#032 Nidoran(M) G/S: Routes 35, 36

#033 Nidorino G/S: Routes 13, 14 ,15

#034 Nidoking Evolves from Nidorino

#035 Clefairy G/S: Mt. Moon

#036 Clefable Evolves from Clefairy with Moon Stone

#037 Vulpix G: Unavailable S:Routes 7, 8, 36, 37

#038 Ninetales Evolves from Vulpix with Fire Stone

#039 Jigglypuff G/S: Routes 3,4

#040 Wigglytuff Evolves from Jigglypuff with Moon Stone

#041 Zubat G/S: Routes 32, 33,Union Cave

#042 Golbat G/S: Slowpoke Well, Victory Road

#043 Oddish G/S: Routes 5, 6, Ilex Forest

#044 Gloom G/S: Route 5

#045 Vileplume Evolves from Gloom with Leaf Stone

#046 Paras G/S: Ilex Forest, National Park

#047 Parasect Evolves from Paras

#048 Venonat G/S: Routes 24, 25, 32, National Park

#049 Venomoth G/S: Routes 24, 25, National Park

#050 Diglett G/S: Diglett's Cave

#051 Dugtrio G/S: Diglett's Cave

#052 Meowth G: Unavailable S:Routes 5, 8, 39

#053 Persian G: Unavailable S:Route 7

#054 Psyduck G/S: Routes 6, 35, Ilex Forest

#055 Golduck G/S: Mt.Silver, Routes 6, 35

#056 Mankey G: Routes 9, 42 S:Unavailable

#057 Primeape G: Route 9 S:Unavailable

#058 Growlithe G: Routes 7, 36, 37 S:Unavailable

#059 Arcanine G: Evolves from Growlithe with Fire Stone

#060 Poliwag G/S: Routes 22, 30, Ecruteak City(Using Super Rod)

#061 Poilwhirl G/S: Route 30, Violet City

#062 Poliwrath G/S: Evolves from Poliwhirl with Water Stone

#063 Abra G/S: Routes 5, 24, 34

#064 Kadabra G/S: Route 8

#065 Alakazam G/S: Only Through Trade

#066 Machop G/S: Mt. Mortar, Rock Tunnel

#067 Machoke G/S: Mt. Mortar, Rock Tunnel

#068 Machamp G/S: Only Through Trade

#069 Bellsprout G/S: Routes 5, 24, 31, 32

#070 Weepinbell G/S: Routes 24, 25, 44

#071 VictreebellG/S: Evolves from Weepinbell with Leaf Stone

#072 Tentacool G/S: Routes 12, 34

#073 Tentacruel G/S: Routes 12, 34

#074 Geodude G/S: Route 46, Dark Cave

#075 Graveler G/S: Route 45, Dark Cave

#076 Golem G/S: Only Through Trade

#077 Ponyta G/S: Routes 26, 28, Mt. Silver

#078 Rapidash G/S: Route 28, Mt. Silver

#079 Slowpoke G/S: Slowpoke Well

#080 Slowbro G/S: Slowpoke Well

#081 Magnemite G/S: Routes 6, 11, 38

#082 Magneton G/S: Evolves from Magnemite

#083 Farfetch'd G/S: Routes 38, 39

#084 Doduo G/S: Routes 22, 26, 27

#085 Dodrio G/S: Routes 26, 28

#086 Seel G/S: Whirl Island Caves

#087 Dewgong G/S: Evolves from Seel

#088 Grimer G/S: Routes 16, 17, 18

#089 Muk G/S: Routes 16, 17, 18

#090 Shellder Routes 20, 26

#091 Cloyster G/S: Evolves from Shellder with Water Stone

#092 Gastly G/S: Tin Tower, Sprout Tower

#093 Haunter G/S: Route 8

#094 Gengar G/S: Only Through Trade

#095 Onix G/S: Union Cave, Victory Road

#096 Drowzee G/S: Routes 11, 34, 35

#097 Hypno G/S: Route 11

#098 Krabby G/S: Route19, Whirl Island Caves

#099 Kingler G/S: Routes 19, 40

#100 Voltorb G/S: Route 10, Olivine City

#101 Electrode G/S: Mahogany Town (Rocket Hideout)

#102 Exeggcute G/S: Forest Location:Trees (use headbutt)

#103 Exeggutor G/S: Evolves from Exeggcute with Leaf Stone

#104 Cubone G/S: Rock Tunnel

#105 Marowak G/S: Rock Tunnel

#106 Hitmonlee G/S: Evolves from Tyrogue

#107 Hitmonchan G/S: Evolves from Tyrogue

#108 Lickitung G/S: Route 44

#109 Koffing G/S: Burned Tower

#110 Weezing G/S: Evolves from Koffing

#111 Rhyhorn G/S: Victory Road

#112 Rhydon G/S: Evovles from Rhyhorn

#113 Chansey G/S: Route 13, 14,15

#114 Tangela G/S: Routes 21, 44

#115 Kangaskahn G/S: Rock Tunnel

#116 Horsea G/S: Whirl Island Caves

#117 Seadra G/S: Whirl Island Caves

#118 Golden G/S: Routes 4, 25

#119 Seaking G/S: Routes 4, 25

#120 Staryu G/S: Routes 19, 34

#121 Starmie G/S: Evolves from Staryu with Water Stone

#122 Mr. Mime G/S: Route 21

#123 Scyther G/S: National Park (Bug Catching contest)

#124 Jynx G/S: Ice Path

#125 Electabuzz G/S: Route 10

#126 Magmar G/S: Burned Tower

#127 Pinsir G/S: National Park (Bug Catching contest)

#128 Tauros G/S: Route 38,39

#129 Magikarp G/S: Route 43, Lake of Rage

#130 Gyarados G/S: Lake of Rage

#131 Lapras G/S: Union Cave(Friday)

#132 Ditto G/S: Routes 34,35

#133 Eevee G/S: Goldenrod City, Celadon City

#134 Vaporeon G/S: Evolves from Eevee with Water Stone

#135 Jolteon G/S: Evolves from Eevee with Thunder Stone

#136 Flareon G/S: Evolves from Eevee with Fire Stone

#137 Porygon G/S: Goldenrod City Game Corner

#138 Omanyte Not in Gold or Silver

#139 Omastar Not in Gold or Silver

#140 Kabuto Not in Gold or Silver

#141 Kabutops Not in Gold or Silver

#142 Aerodactyl G/S: Route 14 (Trade for Chansey)

#143 Snorlax G/S: Vermilion City

#144 Articuno Not in Gold or Silver

#145 Zapdos Not in Gold or Silver

#146 Moltres Not in Gold or Silver

#147 Dratini G/S: Route 45, Dragon's Den

#148 Dragonair G/S: Route 45, Dragon's Den

#149 Dragonite G/S: Evolves from Dragonair

#150 Mewtwo Not in Gold or Silver

#151 Mew Not in Gold or Silver

#152 Chikorita G/S: New Bark Town

#153 Bayleef G/S: Evolves from Chikorita

#154 Meganium G/S: Evolves from Bayleef

#155 Cyndaquil G/S: New Bark Town

#156 Quilava G/S: Evolves from Cyndaquil

#157 Typhlosion G/S: Evolves from Quilava

#158 Tododile G/S: New Bark Town

#159 Croconaw G/S: Evolves from Tododile

#160 Feraligatr G/S: Evolves from Croconaw

#161 Sentret G/S: Routes 1, 29

#162 Furret G/S: Route 1

#163 Hoothoot G/S: Routes 1, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 37

#164 Noctowl G/S: Routes 2, 14, 43

#165 Ledyba G: Unavailable S:Routes 2, 30, 37

#166 Ledian G: Unavailable S:Route 2

#167 Spinarak G: Routes 2, 30, 37 S:Unavailable

#169 Ariados G: Route 2 S:Unavailable

#170 Chinchou G/S: (While Fishing) Routes 20, 41

#171 Lanturn G/S: Evolves from Chinchou

#172 Pichu G/S: Breed Pikachu with Ditto

#173 Cleffa G/S: Breed Clefairy with Ditto

#174 Igglybuff G/S: Breed Jigglypuff with Ditto

#175 Togepi G/S: From Professor Elm's Aide

#176 Togetic G/S: Evolves from Togepi

#177 Natu G/S: Ruins of Alph

#178 Xatu G/S: Evolves from Natu

#179 Mareep G/S: Routes 32, 42, 43

#180 Flaafy G/S: Evolves from Mareep

#181 Ampharos G/S: Evolves from Flaafy

#182 Bellossom G/S: Evolves from Gloom with Sun Stone

#183 Marill G/S: Mt. Mortar #184 Azumarill G/S: Evolves from Marill

#185 Sudowoodo G/S: Route 36 (Squitrbottle)

#186 Politoed G/S: Evolves from Poliwhirl Only Through Trade with King's Rock

#187 Hoppip G/S: Routes 13, 32, 33

#188 Skiploom G/S: Evolves from Hoppip

#189 Jumpluff G/S: Evolves from Skiploom

#190 Aipom G/S: Mountain Locations:Trees(use headbutt)

#191 Sunkern G/S: Route 24

#192 Sunflora G/S: Evolves from Sunkern with Sun Stone

#193 Yanma G/S: Route 35

#194 Wooper G/S: Route 32, Union Cave

#195 Quagsire G/S: Route 10, 27, 32

#196 Espeon G/S: Evolves from Eevee

#197 Umbreon G/S: Evolves from Eevee

#198 Murkrow G/S: Routes 7, 16

#199 Slowking G/S: Evolves from Slowbro Only Through Trade with King's Rock

#200 Misdreavus G/S: Mt. Silver Caves

#201 Unown G/S: Ruins of Alph

#202 Wobbuffet G/S: Dark Cave

#203 Girafarig G/S: Route 43

#204 Pineco G/S: Forest Locations(use headbutt)

#205 Forretress G/S: Evolves from Pineco

#206 Dunsparce G/S: Dark Cave

#207 Gligar G: Route 45 S:Unavailable

#208 Steelix G/S: Evolves from Onix Only Through Trade with Metal Coat

#209 Snubbull G/S: Route 38

#210 Granbull G/S: Evolves from Snubbull

#211 Quilfish G/S: Routes 1, 13, 32 (while fishing)

#212 Scizor G/S: Evolves from Scyther Only Through Trade with Metal Coat

#213 Shuckle G/S: Cianwood City

#214 Heracross G/S: Mountain Locations(use headbutt)

#215 Sneasel G/S: Route 28, Mt. Silver

#216 Teddiursa G: Route 45 S:Unavailable

#217 Ursaring G: Route 28, Victory Road

#218 Slugma G/S: Routes 16, 17, 18

#219 Magcargo G/S: Evolves from Slugma

#220 Swinub G/S: Ice Path

#221 Piloswine G/S: Evolves from Swinub

#222 Corsola G/S: Routes 18, 34(while fishing)

#223 Remoraid G/S: Route 44(while fishing)

#224 Octillery G/S: Evolves from Remoraid

#225 Delibird G: Unavailable S:Ice Path

#226 Mantine G: Route 41 S:Unavailable

#227 Skarmory G: Unavailable S:Route 45

#228 Houndour G/S: Route 7

#229 Houndoom G/S: Evolves from Houndour

#230 Kingdra G/S: Evolves from Seadra Only Through Trade with Dragon Scale

#231 Phanpy G: Unavailable S:Route 45

#232 Donphan G: Unavailable S:Route 28, Victory Road

#233 Porygon2 G/S: Evolves from Porygon Only Through Trade With Up-Grade

#234 Stantler G/S: Routes 36, 37

#235 Smeargle G/S: Ruins of Alph

#236 Tyrogue G/S: Mt. Mortar

#237 Hitmontop G/S: Evolves from Tyrogue

#238 Smoochum G/S: Breed Jynx and Ditto

#239 Elekid G/S: Breed Electabuzz and Ditto

#240 Magby G/S: Breed Magmar and Ditto

#241 Miltank G/S: Routes 38, 39

#242 Blissey G/S: Evolves from Chansey

#243 Raikou G/S: After you visit the Burned Tower it'll roam around Johto

#244 Entei G/S: After you visit the Burned Tower it'll roam around Johto

#245 Suicine G/S: After you visit the Burned Tower it'll roam around Johto

#246 Larvitar G/S: Mt. Silver Caves

#247 Pupitar G/S: Evolves from Larvitar

#248 Tyranitar G/S: Evolves from Pupitar

#249 Lugia G/S: Whirl Island Caves after you get Silver Wing

#250 Ho-oh G/S: Tin Tower after you get Rainbow Wing

#251 Celebi Not in Gold or Silver

Free haircut

Sent in by John Cox

If you go to ash's (red's) house from 3:00PM to 4.00 any day of the week and talk to red's mom you will get a free haircut.

Unown Puzzle Solutions

Sent in by Andrew

Puzzle #1-----Kabuto

Puzzle #2-----Omanyte

Puzzle #3-----Ho-Oh

Puzzle #4-----Aerodactyl

Special Apricorn Pokeballs

Sent in by Andrew

White Apricorn---Fastball

Red Apricorn-----Levelball

Blue Apricorn----Lureball

Pink Apricorn----Loveball

Black Apricorn---Heavyball

Green Apricorn---Friendball

Yellow Apricorn--Moonball

Easy level up

Sent in by Andrew

Put a weak Pokemon up in front of your team, then switch to get a stronger Pokemon to fight the battle. Now both Pokemon will get exp.

The 3 secret sisters

Sent in by Andrew

Go to the route right before Goldenrod City. Go on surf on the water and go all the way down. There 3 sisters you will fight. You also get a good prize for finding them.

More Masterballs

Sent in by Andrew

Go to the radio station in Goldenrod City. If you match the lucky number you win a Masterball!

HM01 Cut

Sent in by

To get HM01 you must go the the Ilex Forest. Talk to the first person you see. He will tell you that he lost his Farfech'd and his master will be mad. You need to find the Farfech'd. You must get behind the Farfech'd and chase it toward the guy. Then when you get back, his master will be there. Talk to him and he'll give you HM01.

Radio card

Sent in by Victreebel

To get the radio card, go to the radio tower in Goldenrod City and talk to the green-haired girl at the counter. Answer her questions correctly and you'll get the card, which allows you to listen to the radio on your Poke Gear.

Tips on beating the Gym Leaders

Sent in by Victreebel

Falkner - He uses Flying-types. A Geodude with Rock Throw (it learns it at level 11) works very well here. You can also trade a Bellsprout for an Onix, who also works well against Flying-types, in Violet City.

Bugsy - His Pokemon are Bug-type, so hit them with Fire, Flying, or Poison attacks. Cyndaquil, Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, and Beedrill all work well here. Scyther is Flying as well as Bug, so Electricity and Rock attacks will also work.

Whitney - This is a pretty tough one. Her Pokemon are all Normal-types, which are only weak to Fighting. However, there aren't any Fighting types this early in the game (unless you trade), so go with Rock types, or a Ghost-type with non-Ghost attacks.

Morty - He has Ghost types. Dark and Bug types will work well here. Since all of his Pokemon are Poison as well as Ghost, Ground and Psychic attacks will work, too.

Chuck - His Pokemon are all Fighting types, which are weak against Psychic and Flying. Ghost types are also good choices, because they're immune to Fighting type attacks. You can also use Grass or Electricity against the part-Water Poliwrath.

Jasmine - She uses one of the new Pokemon types, Steel. Steel is resistant to all kinds of stuff, so a lot of your attacks won't work, but they are weak against Fighting and Fire. Ground will also work against the two Magnemites.

Pryce - He has Ice types. Most people think you need to use a Fire type here, but almost all Ice-types have a second type that is resistant to Fire (in this case, Water and Ground). Rock is also strong against Ice, but since most Rock-types are weak against Ice, that wouldn't be a good choice either. The easiest way to beat this gym is to simply zap Seel and Dewgong with Electric attacks and use Grass or Water against the Piloswine.

Clair - The last gym leader, she uses Dragon-types. Dragons are only weak to Ice and other Dragons, so go into the nearby Ice Cave and catch a Jynx, Swinub, or any other Ice-type and raise it until it learns some powerful Ice moves. Watch out for Kingdra; its added Water type makes it quite resistant to Ice. Its only weakness is Dragon-types, but since there aren't many of those around, it's better to just attack it with the strongest Normal-type attacks you have.

Mystery Gift

Sent in by Jonathan

1) Play until you reach Goldenrod.

2) Go to the 5th floor of the Mart

3) She will tells you about with a simple beep, you'll get a mystery gift ability. Save your game right after she says that.

4) Turn off your game and start it up again.

5) Go to the menu (with Continue, New Game, etc.) and you will see a mystery gift.

6) Hook up with a friend using the infrared connector (must have Game Boy Color), and get a mystery gift. NOTE: You can do it with the same person once every day, and up to 5 people daily. It'll usually be decorations for your room, but sometimes cool times.

Elite Four Tips

Sent in by Jonathan

If you have no Pokemon above 60, it would be wise to do shopping first. I suggest buying 3 to 6 revives and 5 to 10 Hyper Potions. It will come in handy. You will be reimbursed big time when you beat them.

Know your opponents. Know their Pokemon they use and what is good against them. It is usually good to know what they use first and what move. For instance, Lance uses Gyarados first, and he always does Rain Dance (I use the Silver version, so if you have Gold, it might be different, I have no idea!). If you usually go first of the Pokemon, you know to do a high powered move. If you have a weaker Pokemon, on the second move, you could do a self-healing move or something.

Heal when you need to! Since mainly you don't have all six of your Pokemon above 40 or 50 when you reach the Elite Four at first. So, when you are almost faint or already fainted, switch to a weak Pokemon you know can't do squat against the Elite Four, and put a revive or hyper potion on them.

Use a great type-difference Pokemon! Fire against water, Water against fire and rock, etc., etc., etc.! This really helps.

Use your breaks! If your Pokemon are looking pretty low after a trainer, heal them, or whatever. And remember to save.

Set time

Press Down + Select + B at the title screen. Enter your trainer ID as the password and you can change the time.

King's Symbol

Go to the town where you had to rescue the Slowpokes from the Rockets. Enter the cave where you got the Slowpokes from the two Rockets. Use Strength and push the boulder, then Surf in the pond. Find the ladder, go to it, and Surf. Talk to everyone there in that part of the cave. Someone will give you the King's Symbol.

Duplicate Items/Clone Pokemon

Go to a PC, and save. Attach the item you want to duplicate to the Pokemon you want to clone. Deposit it into the PC. Change boxes. When the screen is saying "Saving the game..." Turn off your GB. Turn it back on. You should have the deposited Pokemon in the PC, and a clone of it in your lineup. The item will either be on both monsters, or in your Backpack. Note: While doing this code, DO NOT withdraw any Pokemon. When the Game Boy is turned back on, you'll find that the withdrawn Pokemon has been deleted. Note: You can duplicate up to 5 items/Pokemon at a time.